Two Towns – Eckernförde and Porvoo/Borgå

This blog is used to present students from Linné school in Hässleholm and Furutorp school in Vinslöv, who are taking part in an exchange with Eckernförde in Germany or Porvoo/Borgå in Finland. Students from our partner schools are very welcome to comment on our presentations!

Hello! Embla 7.2

on November 11, 2015


My name is Embla and I´m in class 7:2 in Linné. I´m a thirteen year old girl from Hässleholm that´s really excited to maybe be a part of this wonderful trip. I like to play video games, computer games and board games. I like to sing and listen to music. I like to draw but I´m not very good at it. After school I watch youtube and do my homework and sometimes hang out with my friends. I like to watch TV, and it really doesn´t matter what it is as long as its English. I am allergic to all animals with fur and Im a Vegan (so I dont eat any thing that comes from animals) but I´m willing to eat milk and eggs if I get to go on this trip. I have a phobia against snakes so I can´t be around them. We have room for one more person in our apartment Including a foldout bed. Traveling is something I enjoy and I am used to traveling by train. I´ve traveled by plane once and I dont have have a problem with it.

I am open to change so it wont be a problem with living and following somebody else rules. I dont have a problem of meeting new people or making speches so that wouldn´t be a problem if we have to tell other people about our trip. I dont have any problems with speaking English and I will (if I get to go on the trip) only speak English the whole time. I almost only speak English with my dad and my sister because my dad is from India. I feel quaified to go.  I´ve seen the video about the last trip and it looks so cool.

I want to go on this trip because it would be a great opportunity to test and improve my english skills. I love lerning about new countries and cultures and Finland seems interesting and beautiful. I feel ready to go to another country, both with my ability to speak english and live with someone I dont know. It would also be really fun to have a visitor from Finland so I can show them around and tell them about Sweden and Hässleholm. It would be awesome to have a friend in another country, like a pen pal. I hope to learn to speak som Finnish on this trip as well as learning about the country and how school works there.

I hope you will give me a chans to go on this trip. 🙂


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