Two Towns – Eckernförde and Porvoo/Borgå

This blog is used to present students from Linné school in Hässleholm and Furutorp school in Vinslöv, who are taking part in an exchange with Eckernförde in Germany or Porvoo/Borgå in Finland. Students from our partner schools are very welcome to comment on our presentations!

❊Hellu ❊

on September 17, 2014

Helloo, my name is Linnéa Gadd Jönsson. I’m 15 years old and born 1999.✌ I like to listen to music, go shopping make-up and clothes, fix my Nails and also skate with my friends. I’m 170 cm. tall. ت

My mum (Marie) is 46 and my dad (Pär) also. I have a 26 years old brother named Robert. He lives with his girlfriend and Child Nellie in a house. I have cats, chickens and one dog at my mother  and one cat at my dad.  My mum and I live in a big house and me and my dad live in house close to a lake. 

If you want you can be my friend on Facebook (Linnea Gadd Jönsson) or write on kik (lanaja99). My instagram is lanajaa. mee


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