Two Towns – Eckernförde and Porvoo/Borgå

This blog is used to present students from Linné school in Hässleholm and Furutorp school in Vinslöv, who are taking part in an exchange with Eckernförde in Germany or Porvoo/Borgå in Finland. Students from our partner schools are very welcome to comment on our presentations!

My favorite place in Hässleholm

on October 2, 2013


In Hovdala you can also look at Hovdala castle. Hovdala is very famous and very old. Hovdala was bulidt in the 1500 century. Hovdala has many forestest, meadow and lake called Finjasjön.

My favorite place in Hässleholm is Hovdala. You can take long walks and look at the nature. I have many dogs so I go long walks with them there.

Hovdala also has one wooden house, in the wooden house you can  eat food and have some coffe. There tou have  a fantastic view.


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