Two Towns – Eckernförde and Porvoo/Borgå

This blog is used to present students from Linné school in Hässleholm and Furutorp school in Vinslöv, who are taking part in an exchange with Eckernförde in Germany or Porvoo/Borgå in Finland. Students from our partner schools are very welcome to comment on our presentations!

Emoji Riddles!

Emoji riddles!

Solve the riddles in pairs! One person from Linné together with one from Furutorp!

Hand in your written answers to us!

Sofia and Terese!

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Presentation Emma

Presentation – Emma Högstedt

Hello, my name is Emma. I´am 14 years old and live in a smaller village call Vinslöv, the village is 10 minutes from Hässleholm. I have a dad, mom and a littel brother. I also have a dog and a horse.

I live in a white, quite big house, with my mom Sofia, dad Daniel and my little brother Gustav. We also have a dog, His name is Ludde. He is 3 years old and the breed cavapoo. My mum is teacher on the school in hässleholm that also have exchange students to Finland. My dad is banker and he like to play golf. My brother plays football and handball and he is 13 years old.


My horse name is Halli. I`ve been riding my hole life. We go showjumping together and also competed in that.

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Presentation Sofie


My name is Sofie Eriksson and I´am 13 years old.

I live outside  Vinslöv on a farm. And i live there  with my mom named Nina and she is a nurse, at Ehrenborg, my dad named  Daniel and he is a building leader at Levins EL and my brother named  William hi´s 11 and he is blind and deaf so he talks sign language. And goes to a school in Lund that kids that are blind, deaf and has special needs goes.

My favorite type of music is pop, country and old music.

On the farm I have turtles, rabbits, sheeps, dogs, birds and hens.

I have 3 dogs, One is a border terrier and she is called Smulan and she is 3 years, then i have a vaktel that is 7 years and his name is Lexus and the last one is Akita and she is a vest siberian laika and she is also 7 years.

On my spare time i like to wrestle, be with my friends and ice skate with my best friend and we take with us hot chocolate, sandwiches and sometimes candy, and we skate four hours.

And I Wrestle 2 times a week. On mondays and tuesday, and on monday we have strength and on tuesday we do technique.

My favorite subject in school is Woodwork because you work with things that you can get from the nature, and I like Germany because you learn things about a new country and to talk another language. And I also like also like domestic science because you learn how to cook stuff and you also learn things that you need to know when you grow up.

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Presentation Ebba


My name is Ebba Dammdal and I’m 13 years old. I leave in a little village named Vinslöv. I live in a house with my mother named Susann, she doesn’t work, instead she keeps the house and the plot clean and tidy. My dad named Patrik, he work as a welding teacher in Göinge Utbildningscenter komvux. And my dog called Agnes, she is a chinese crested because my dad is allergic to dogs, cats and horses. But I do also have three older brothers, but they aren’t living at home anymore. The oldest of my brothers still lives is skåne but the other ones live in Gothenburg and Växjö.

On my spare time I like to be with my friends and sometimes I go to a ice hall with my best friend, her name is Sofie, and skate for hours. We bring chocolate milk and sandwiches with cheese and ham and have a great time together. On the weekends my parents drive me to my other best friend and her name is Nellie.  I’m an extra rider for her sister’s horse called Minett. Sometimes we ride the paddock with obstacles or just step or gallop together and sometimes we ride in the forest, It depends on the weather and our mood if we choose the paddock or the forest.

My favorite subject is swedish and art because we have a really great teacher in swedish and I draw pretty much on my spare time. The languishes I learn in school is swedish, english and spanish. To be honest, I don’t really like school. The only thing I like with it is to be with my friends.


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Presentation Alma


My name is Alma Nilsson. I’m 14 years old and I live in Sörby. Sörby is placed a little bit outside a village called Vinslöv. I live together with my mother Pernilla, my father Fredrik and my big sister Ebba.

Along with us we live with our cat Boris and our two dogs. One of the dogs are called Obelix, a yellow Labrador. The other dog is a black and white wachtel, she’s called Nessie. My big sister also has a horse in a stable, not so far away from us. He’s called Star.

During my spare time I play soccer. I have my soccer practicings two days a week and during the winter we don’t have any matches, instead of that we have a few cups. Also during my spare time I like to hang out with my closest friends. When we hang out we often visit a town called Kristianstad and go shopping there. When we don’t go shopping we watch movies or just chill.


I look forward to meet you,


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Lisa Prins – Linné school – Finland 2018


My name is Lisa Prins and I’m 15 years old. I live in a city called Hässleholm here in Sweden. I live in a house with my mother called Monica, she is 45 years old. She works as a teacher in 3th grade in a school called Grönängsskolan. My dad called Ola and he is 51 years old. He works in our food market called “Ica Maxi”. My big sister called Elin and she is 18 years old. She go her last year in high school. My little brother called Tim, he is 11 years old. he go in 5th grade.

On my spare time I often go out with friends or I just stay home with my family. My favourite subject in school is physical education. I don´t really like school so much.

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Embla Hägelmark – Linné school – Finland 2018


I’m Embla Hägelmark, a fifteen year old girl and in March sixteen (grade 9).

I live right in the centre of the town Hässleholm in an apartment with five rooms, a kitchen and two toilets. It’s on the same street that goes from the courthall through the centre and down to the hospital.

I live with my mother Syrene, my father Lennart and my little black cat Peppar, that’s pepper in swedish because of her color. But I do also have a sister called Freja and she’s 28 years old and comes and visit us a couple of times a week, mostly at the weekends.

I do like school and my favourite subjects is probably english, swedish and social studies.

On my sparetime I used to play volleyball but my team is split up now, but I dance twice a week though, with my friend Jenna and some other nice persons.

It’s two different groups, both of them is showdance groups but one of them is more like some kind of street dance.

I also love to travel and that’s one of the reasons to why I want to visit you guys in Finland. I also hope to learn a lot and meet new persons!



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Tindra Persson – Linné school – Finland 2018

Hello my name is Tindra Persson and I live in Hässleholm, Sweden.

I have one sibling, his name is Hugo and he is my little brother. My parents live together in a house (with us of course). It’s a house with 2 floors, my room is  upstairs. There is a living room, a kitchen, and we have built a winter garden. Downstairs is my parents’  bedroom. We have one dog named Svante, a guy, he is a vaktel (in Swedish). I bike to school, it’s not that far but I am lazy. In my free time I go dancing, 2 times a week.

I would like to go to finland because I want to get to know new people and have a good time. I want to practise my English and get to know a new country.

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Linus Fredriksson- Linné school- Finland 2018

The Finland Exchange

My name is Linus Fredriksson and I’m 14 years old and live in Ljungdala, Hässleholm in an apartment. I`m 165cm. So I’m small for my age.

I live with my mom Alexandra and my dog Rambo and my  cat named Virus.(Irony intended)I like to play video games but especially C&C 3 or hoi4. So my favorite food is not really a food .Is bacon! My favorite bands is Sabaton and Metallica and  I am not a sports person. I have no allergies and I like most food and I also like to spend time with my friends.I want to do the exchange for the experience and I think it will be fun.

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Tess Strand, Linné school

Hi, my name is Tess!

I’m 13 years old and live in Ulsala a little bit outside Hässleholm. I live with my mom and dad, we live on a farm on the countryside with many dogs. I like it here because it´s calm, and you have a bigger freedom than in the city. With that said, I wouldn´t like it less in the city because it´s closer to my friends and school.

When I´m not in school I like to be with my friends, watch ice hockey, play instruments and fix with my EPA tractor. The best hockey team according to me is Toronto Maple Leafs, and my favourite player is William Nylander. I also play the drums on Thursdays and sometimes the guitar. The best thing with drums is that you learn to think fast but still carefully, and you even learn how to do more than one thing at the same time.
This spring I´m going to start play rugby, that´s like american footboll but without all 
protections. The only thing you got to protect yourself with is a mouthguard. 

My favourite subject in school is math, social studies and German, and the one subject I don´t like is naturscience because I think it’s uninteresting and a heavy subject.
When I finish ninth grade, I will apply for a school in Scotland, thats 
called The Mary Erskine School. The school is located about 5-15 minutes from central Edinburgh, and its an all-girls independent secondary school.

That´s the basic information about me, hopefully there´s somebody who´s interested in the some same things as me.
Look forward to meeting you!

Best regards,
Tess Strand

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