Two Towns – Eckernförde and Porvoo/Borgå

This blog is used to present students from Linné school in Hässleholm and Furutorp school in Vinslöv, who are taking part in an exchange with Eckernförde in Germany or Porvoo/Borgå in Finland. Students from our partner schools are very welcome to comment on our presentations!

Film från utbyte med Finland Ht-18

Filmen är gjord av Katri Nokelainen. Tack Katri!

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Presentation Emma

Hello! My name is Emma Högstedt. Iam 13 years old. I live in Vinslöv with my family. In my family we are 4 persons, 1 dog and 1 horse.
Its my mum Sofia, My dad Daniel, My little brother Gustav and our dog. He´s name is Ludde. He is a mixbreed between poodle and cavalier king charles. So he is quite small.

And away from my house there is a stabel. In that stabel i have my horse. I training showjumping with him 1 time in a week and also dressage sometimes. Iam very interest in horses and I have had horses since I was born. In my sparetime i also like to hanging out with my friends and do funny things with them.
A very big interest I have is fashion like clothes and makeup. And I played football her in Vinslöv 2 times in the week.

I listens very mutch at music. Most of the leaderboard.
My favorit subject in school is PE and music. I played piano before but not anymore.

I traveling very much and I think it`s very funny. Last fall i was in Afrika. And past few years ago i was in USA. Eyery summer me and my family go around in Europe with our mobilehome and we also go at beach holiday. My dreams is to traveling around when I getting older. And in sommer I planning to go at Study Abroad to Malta.

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Presentation Ivar


My name is Ivar and I go in class 7:2. My favorite subject in school is probably SH (ciencias sociales). I actually do not have any favorite music but I like to listen to it on lessons like matematicas. I have just travelled one time and it was to spain and it was very fun so it would be fun to travel again. I think this exchange would be very fun and a good experience.

We have one dog in our family and we are 4 members, my dad Nils, my mom Maria, my sister Emmy and me. On my sparetime I like to be with friends , train orieentering and running at my spare time.


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Presentation Lazar Majstorovic

Hi! My name is Lazar. i’m 13 years old and live in Sweden, Hassleholm. I want to go to Eckernförde  because it can be fun experience and i going to meet new people. And now i am going to tell some facts about me. I am a sports man and it means that i love sports like tennis, football, basketball, and diving. On my free time i am with friends or playing games like League of legends, Call of duty and mobile games online.

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Presentation Lisa


My name is Lisa Prins, and I am 14 years old. I live in a town called Hässleholm in Sweden. I live in a house with my family, mum, my dad, my little brother and my big sister. My mom’s name is Monica. My dad’s name is Ola. My big sister’s name is Elin, and she is 17 years old. And my little brother’s name is Tim, and he is 11 years old.

I study at a school called Linnéskolan, class 8:2. My favorite subject is physical education.

On my spare time, I often go out with my friends, or just stay home with my family. Before, around 6 months ago I gave up swimming. I have trained swimming for around 6 years.

I like to listen to music, go shopping and swim, even if I don’t do it like a sport.
I want to travel to Germany because I want to meet new people, and maybe get some new friends. I have never been in Germany. It would be fun to see how it is to live in Germany, and see if something is different between us and Germany. And maybe learn some German words.   

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Presentation Nils


My name is Nils SH and I live in Hässleholm and Finja. I am 13 years old and I go to class 7:2. I have divorced parents so my dad lives in Finja and my mom in Hässleholm. My mom has a new husband and together with him she has two children who are my siblings. I like to be out and be with my friends. I also like cars very much. My music style is rock och Metallica. A lot of all music styles. My favorite food is pizza, stroganof sausage and rice. I would like to meet new firends in a new country.

I hope to see you some day!



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Presentation Olof


My name is Olof Joelsson and I am thirteen years old. I come from Hässleholm in the south of Sweden. I like to work on my farm, play handball and play football. On my farm my family has about three hundred cows and some other animals like a dog and cats. I go to Linné school in class 7:1 and it´s a quite big school. I live with my mom and dad who are 44 and 49 years old. I also live with my three sisters, Märtha, Julia, Matilda who are 10, 19 and 19 years old. On my spare time I also like to listen to music, my favorite music is 80´s hard rock. I do not really like to read books but when I do I read the newspaper. My favourite food is tacos. I did this exchange because it´s really fun to meet new people especially from other countries. My expectations is to see how the school in Germany is.

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Presentation Thion Ovredsson

Hello! My name is Thion. I am 13 years old and I live in Stoby. I would like to go to Eckernförde beacuse  I need to learn more Deutsch and English. Now a Little bit about myself. My favorite subject in school is physical education. There are 5 of us in my family. It is my parents and my 2 siblings. We have animals like rabbits, a turtle and 2 dogs. My favorite food is Baked potato with meet. I also like animals ans nature. I have a sport to! I have Karate practise 3 times in a week. I have brown belt and in the summer i will take black… I study on LInneskolan in Hässleholm and im in class 7:3. I also like music and my favorite artist is Hasse Andersson and i also like to spend time with my friends. im 172cm tall and i have no allergisnand i like the most food. See you soon. Best

Writing a letter of presentation:

School, class
Favourite subject/subjects
Where you live, house, appartment…!
Family, siblings?
Sports, activities?
What you like to do
Favourite artist/music style
Favourite film/book/TV series
Favourite food
Why do you want to take part in the exchange?
What are your expectations(förväntningar)

Hope to see you in April!

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Presentation Johanna

Presentation Johanna

Hello my name is Johanna Gunnarsson. I am 14 years old. I live in Vinslöv. Im in 8th grade. My mother’s name is Carina and my father’s name is Niclas. I also have one sister and her name is Josefine. I don’t have any pets. But I would like to have a dog.

On my sparetime I like to play handball. I practice handball 3 times a week. I play in Vinslövs hk. In every summer we play Beachhandball and it is so much fun. It is pretty similar to handball inside but it is on the beach.

I also like makeup and fashion. When my sister is going to a party I always do her makeup. My favourite brands is Anastasia,urban decay and mac. I like to do shopping. I love to shop in Malmö because there is many shops.

I also love to listen to music and I love Justin Bieber. I was on justins concert last year and it was amazing.

My favourite subjects are swedish,NO and PE.

I LOVE to travel. I recently was in Thailand. I was there with my family.

In this summer me and my cousin are going to Malta.  It is going to be so much fun.

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Presentation Maja

I love to go shopping on my spartime and be with friends.

I cant be quiet and i cant sit still. And people think i have a very funny laugh. I love to travel but most to sunny places. i love most spain and we are going to spain and greece to summer. i am very bad whit telephone i crack them very often.

My favourite subjects are swedish and PE.


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